IMG_1223.JPGThomas J. McIntyre holds an MA in History from Georgia Southern University. His graduate research focused on the role played by the Catholic Church in a number of historical events, with a particular influence on the pontificate of Pope St. Damasus I (A.D. 366-84). His M.A. thesis is entitled “The First Pontiff: Pope Damasus I and the Expansion of the Roman Primacy” In addition to classical and ecclesiastical history, his interests include theology, philosophy, dead languages (mainly Latin) and music.

He currently resides with his wife Nancy-Leigh and

After Kateri’s baptism

daughter Kateri Therese in Lake Charles, Louisiana, where he teaches American and World History at Grand Lake High School. He is a member of Our Lady of Good Counsel parish. As a devout Catholic, McIntyre endeavors to maintain a Christological hermeneutic for history based on the premise Western Civilization is built on the foundation of the truth of Christianity and that, to a great extent, history is “His story” that is: a chronicle of the everlasting effect of the life and death of the historical person of Jesus Christ on mankind, centered around His people, the Jews, and the Catholic Church, which He founded.